We are a liturgical congregation, which simply means that we use the same historic liturgies that Christians have used for over a thousand years. These liturgies are divided up into two types: Divine Services, which are the most common services used on Sunday morning, and Daily Offices, which are prayer services, with Matins, Vespers, Compline, Morning Prayer, & Evening Prayer as examples.


The liturgies we use are almost entirely the words of Holy Scripture, arranged for congregational use. Because of this, we believe that the historic liturgies proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the clearest way possible. For example, in each Divine Service we retell the life of Christ, from His birth (the Gloria in Excelsis "Glory to God in the Highest", which is the song of the angels in Luke 2), to His entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday (Sanctus "Holy, Holy, Holy"), and His death on Good Friday (Agnus Dei "Lamb of God").


Lutheran Service Book is the source of our worship materials. This hymnal follows in a long line of Lutheran hymnals, beginning with the Geistliches Gesangtbuchlein of 1524, which was edited by Johann Walther and included a foreword by Martin Luther, up through The Lutheran Hymnal of 1941 and Lutheran Worship of 1982. 

In Lutheran Service Book you will find Psalms, Hymns, Prayers, the various orders of service, Martin Luther's Small Catechism, and many other items.